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By DAVID F. GARRETT, Associated PressA new book by an investigative journalist who first wrote about the Titanic reveals how the Titanic was built and built to last.

The book, written by David Garrett, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, chronicles how a ship built to be a passenger ferry on a cruise ship in 1912 sank after a collision.

It also includes the ship’s history and how the captain, John Paul Jones, decided to turn it into a passenger ship in 1915.

It is the most detailed look at the ship ever made and has a lot of interesting information that can be used in cases where the ship is being used for a crime or something of that nature,” Garrets son, Robert Garrestad, told The Associated Press by phone.

The story has a very different feel to it from the stories you might hear, he said.

It has been published in several places, including the New York Daily News, the Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press.

It tells the story of how the world came to know the Titanic and what went wrong on the doomed ship.”

It is a very emotional story, one that I have never seen told before in the public domain,” Robert Garretstad said.”

You see how this ship came to be.

“The book is about the history of the Titanic, and it is based on a 2005 book by Garretta, the former publisher of the Boston Globe and the author of “Cruise Ship,” a book about the ship that went down.

Garrett’s book was published in paperback and digital form.

It is available at the publisher’s website and at Amazon.com.

It will be out in the United States on June 25.”

The Titanic is a story that is in a very dark place.

And I think that’s why people come to see it and to read it,” Garretstad said.

He said the book is very readable and has many insights into the Titanic that he did not get from the book.

The last ship that came down on the Titanic belonged to the American Red Cross and the ship was named the St. Louis, which was a port-of-call, he told the AP.

The book says that it was also the last passenger ship to come down.”

This ship, which sank in 1912, was built in a certain way that the ship itself was built to go down,” Garrett said.

This was the last, I think, time a ship could be built as a passenger carrier.

That was a very unique thing to see, he added.

He added that it is very clear that this ship was not built for a cruise, which is the kind of thing that happened to Titanic in 1912.

He also said that the fact that the captain decided to go with a passenger route on the cruise ship instead of a passenger was not unusual.”

A number of other ships were also built to carry passengers.””

It was a good idea for the passengers.”

A number of other ships were also built to carry passengers.

“There are a number of different kinds of ships built to make a passenger cruise,” Garreth said.

The captain of this ship had other plans for the ship and decided to keep the passenger route that the company called the St Louis.

It was not going to be the only passenger route to be built, he explained.

But when the St James, which had just been built, came down, the captain thought, “Well, what about the other ships?” and he decided to continue the passenger routes that he had built for the cruise.

The company also had a new ship that was built for its first trip to the United Kingdom.

The St Marys sister ship is called the S.S. Titanic, named after the Sullivans mother.

The ship was built with an engine that was never designed for the high-speed cruise that it would have to make.

The S.P.O. Titanic is built with a new propulsion system that never made it into service on the S-class of passenger ships, Garretti said.

That meant that the engine had to be rebuilt and put into service again.

But that’s not what the passengers were really looking for.

“What the passengers wanted was a high-class cruise ship.

They wanted a ship that could go fast and that would have a really good time.

And they didn’t think that the passengers could make that happen,” Garres said.

I am really pleased to be able to bring this book to the public, Robert said.

Robert Garrettt is the author or co-author of “The Last Ship.”