A US citizen ship dropped by Amazon ships in Australia

The US citizen container ship, an Ikea shipping container and a drop shipping company were all found by Australian authorities on Monday.

The container ships were discovered at an industrial park on the eastern coast of the Northern Territory.

They were found by the local fire service and the Maritime Safety Authority after a man in his 30s went to the site to retrieve some of the cargo.

The fire service said the containers had been in a storage locker and the lockers were “locked”.

“I had some people in the room and they had some kind of box or box on top of them, so the fire service went in and opened it up and found all these things, which were not mine, I did not have,” the man, who was not named, said.

“I got up to the container and I opened it and there were all these bags of stuff inside, which I had not noticed before.”

When I opened them up, I was really shocked.

I thought I would have found something.

I could not believe it was mine.

“He said the container ships had not been locked in any way and that he was “pretty confident” he would be able to open them.”

It looks like it’s probably a lock.

It’s not locked, but I’m pretty confident I’ll be able open them,” he said.

The containers were recovered by the fire services from the site.

The man, from the Northern Territories, said he was still shaken up by the discovery.”

The container was in the container locker, it was locked, and I had to unlock it to get the stuff out,” he told ABC Radio.”

Then I took a look inside and there was no one around.

I was pretty upset.

“The man said he had been on holiday with his family in the city of Alice Springs and had taken the container with him.”

There were loads of containers inside, all the same type,” he added.”

They are all all in the same container locker and they’re all locked up.

They are locked up in a locker somewhere in the storage room.

“All I could think about was, ‘What am I going to do with these?'”

He said he could not help but think that he could have lost some of his family members as he was travelling on the same boat.

“But that’s my life now, I’m just going to go and get out of there,” he joked.

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