How to Save a $1.3 Billion Shipping Container Pool in Hawaii

A $1 billion container pool that will hold more than 2 million shipping containers could be saved from being lost in a storm if a company can find a way to seal it.

A storm surge would cause the entire container pool to be inundated with seawater.

The pool, built on the edge of the Pearl Harbor Substation, could lose its seawater-tight structure in a catastrophic storm.

The $1 million pool was built to hold 1,500,000 shipping containers, but the building’s foundation is being tested for leaks.

The pool is built to withstand hurricane-force winds, but that has not yet been proven in the storm’s current storm surge.

A contractor was contracted to assess the pool’s seawater seal, and the results were announced Tuesday by the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources.

The company behind the project, BlueWave, said that the seal is strong and is likely to withstand storm surge of 10 feet or more, the National Weather Service said.

BlueWave said the pool will remain in place until a company is able to find a suitable seal.

The company is also using seawater from a nearby river for the seawater seals.

The new seal is expected to be in place in about two weeks, and BlueWave will use a 3,000-gallon tank from a container vessel to provide the seal, according to a statement from the company.

The cost of the seal has not been disclosed.

The storm surge caused by the storm would be a major disaster, according the National Hurricane Center.

The Hawaii Department said in a statement that the pool was not designed to withstand a storm surge, but was designed to hold water that would be absorbed by seawater and become trapped in the pool.

The tank is also not designed for a storm drain system.

The department said the $1-million-per-container-pool pool is a large and expensive project and should be inspected for structural defects.

It also said the cost of repairing the pool should not exceed $1,000,000.

The department said that BlueWave is contracted to design and build the pool, and that Bluewave has a long history of engineering projects.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.