UPS is planning to cut off its UPS Service for the Next 4 Months

UPS is preparing to cut its service to customers who have been using the online delivery service, fedex, for more than four months.

The service was last active on Wednesday, when the U.S. Postal Service said its delivery system would stop processing FedEx’s delivery orders for packages.

The company said it plans to cut back on delivery times by as much as 20 percent.

It said it would resume delivery once the FedEx service resumed.

UPS said it is working with the U,S.

Post Office to develop a solution to provide customers with the option to use their own delivery service.

FedEx is currently using FedEx as its delivery service because it’s cheaper and it offers a longer service time.

The Post Office said Wednesday that it has no plans to offer FedEx as a delivery service to consumers.

FedEX said in a statement that it is committed to working with UPS to ensure that customers are able to use its delivery and logistics services.

“We will continue to work with FedEx to ensure our customers receive the service they need,” the company said.

The Postal Service’s online delivery program, which launched in 2016, relies on a network of warehouses, trucks and delivery agents.

The Postal Service also has a separate FedEx Express program, that lets customers ship packages to the post office in a private room or to their own car.

Fedex’s FedEx Express service has been suspended for three months, while the USPS has had to shut down the delivery network.

FedEx says its customers have reported problems with the service.

The Postal Services said in its statement that its customers who use FedEx Express are currently able to continue using FedEx.

The USPS has asked its customers to stop using the service if they are unable to use the FedEx Express network.

FedEx said Wednesday it plans a temporary service interruption on Thursday.