Cruise ship owner says ship will be ‘back to normal’ by Thanksgiving

A cruise ship owner in California said he expects the ship to be back to normal by Thanksgiving, after being towed out of port Thursday night by Coast Guard officials who were trying to get it repaired.

A Coast Guard spokeswoman said a Coast Guard helicopter took the ship from Port Canaveral to its berth at the port of Long Beach.

The Coast Guard said it was working with a private contractor to bring the ship back to the port, but that it would take several weeks for the vessel to be repaired.

The ship was originally set to dock Friday at the Port of Long Bay, where it had been waiting for a vessel to dock.

The Coast Guard also said the vessel was expected to be towed to San Diego, but it was not immediately clear if the vessel would be there.

It was the second time this year the ship had been towed out from the port.

On March 17, the ship was towed out after a storm in the area.

The ship was not the only one that was towed from the Port, officials said.

Two other ships had been moved out of Port Canaveral.