How to buy a 40ft shipping containers from Amazon, Walmart and eBay

A new survey of 1,000 consumers suggests that buying a 40-foot container for $5,000 can get you some of the best deals on new toys, games, clothing, and more.

The survey was conducted by NPD Group in collaboration with Walmart,, and eBay, and it comes after a few months of seeing a glut of the large-capacity containers on the market.

The most popular item of the survey was a 60-foot, 4,500-pound container.

“Most shoppers will see this as the best price in the bunch,” NPD analyst Sam Levin told Business Insider.

“It’s a very big container.”

The survey also found that shoppers who had purchased an item at least once in the past year were more likely to pay $5 for it.

It also showed that shoppers with a large number of credit cards were more than twice as likely to use the container for their purchases.

“For most of the items surveyed, shoppers would pay the most for the container,” Levin wrote in a blog post.

“We expect the majority of consumers would purchase their new toys in the container.

The largest percentage of shoppers would purchase a toy with a video game console inside, a TV or projector, a smartphone or tablet, a game console, a laptop, or a PC.”

The site was a top seller with over 9,000 items. was a second-most-popular seller with 7,800 items, followed by, which has over 5,000 listings.

The cheapest item of any of the products surveyed was the iPad Pro with a retail price of $399.

“While the iPad is an iPad Pro, the iPad mini and the new iPad Pro are not.

The iPad is a new model, not a refurbished model,” NPG told Business Insiders.

“The new iPad is the best value and the lowest price among the three models.”

The cheapest iPad mini was $159.99.

Amazon’s lowest-priced iPad mini model is currently available for $329.99 and a refurbish version for $349.99, respectively.

The best deals: A new iPad Air, $399, Amazon, $449, Amazon Prime, $499,, Walmart, $649, Amazon Studios, $749, Walmart Prime, Walmart Kids, Walmart Travel, Walmart Home and Home, and Walmart Family and Target.

NPD estimates that the average value of an item in the survey is $2,086.10, which is lower than the $2.38 billion that Walmart paid for the iPad in 2017.

The Walmart, Amazon and Walmart sites also got a bump in rankings this year.

“This survey was done before the price increases for the top three items on,” Npg said.

“There is a strong correlation between the number of items that shoppers are buying and the number they are spending.

As the Walmart and Amazon sites saw a drop in the number buying the items in 2018, the Walmart site is also seeing a decrease.”

Walmart is reportedly looking to add more content and better customer service to its online stores.

In 2018, it launched a new video game channel and launched its new Amazon Prime Video service, which will provide video content and access to games from some of its retailers. and are also looking to expand their online presence, and NPG noted that the company’s online sales have been “on a steady decline for the last two years.”

NPG expects the number to rise this year, and the company is currently looking to “develop a new mobile app.”