Cruise ship stranded after ship found stuck on the water

A cruise ship in the Pacific has been stuck on a Pacific Ocean island after it was found stuck in the water and without power, a shipshape manufacturer said on Tuesday.

The ship, the Titanic, has been stranded at the port of Santa Barbara in California since Monday.

The ship was heading from the US to Europe on a cargo run when it ran into a reef off the island of Tanna, the company said.

“It was a fairly big ship, it’s a big vessel, it has a lot of cargo and it has not had any power since Monday morning,” Tanno Marine said in a statement.

“The ship was very, very wet, and the water was very choppy.”

The ship has been sitting on the reef, but the company has no estimate on when the ship will be able to return to port.

“I’ve got no idea when it will be back to port,” Tanna Marine president Paul Danneman said.

“It’s been a pretty long time since we’ve had a big ship on a reef, and it’s definitely not a very pleasant experience.”

Tanno marine said the ship was in “good shape”, and that the crew had “excellent equipment”.

The Titanic has been in port since Monday and it was reported that it was being towed by a Coast Guard vessel to a pier in Santa Barbara.