NASA’s $1.3B cruise ship design could revolutionize the way we navigate our oceans

A design for a cruise ship that could be built in the United States and used by a billion people has been selected by NASA.

The design, dubbed the Ship Shape, is an improved version of a ship that was built in Russia that’s used by the Russian Navy and other nations.

The shipshape is a two-piece hull with a long, shallow stern that allows for the ship to be steered.

The hull also has a flexible main sail that can be retracted for other uses.

The two-part hull is similar to the hulls used by ships in other countries like the Japanese, Chinese, Japanese-owned and US-owned vessels, but it has an extra layer of insulation to prevent damage from high winds or seas of cold water.

A prototype of the shipshape, built by Russia’s Almaz-Antey, was showcased in September by the United Nations Maritime Design Council, and NASA officials were impressed with its engineering and design.

NASA also said the ship shape would have the potential to reduce sea-borne maritime accidents by 40 percent.

The Ship Shape is expected to be ready for test flights in 2020, with an operational version in the 2020s.