Snap ship costs $300,000 more than Amazon ships

A $300 million luxury cruise ship from China has been given a new lease on life after it landed on a South Korean island.

The new ship, named the Black Pearl, landed on Tuesday and is scheduled to leave the port of Busan on Tuesday afternoon.

The ship’s owner, Koryo Tours, said it will operate a tour that starts at a cost of about $100,000 per person, and a two-night stay will be included with each booking.

It will have up to 15 guests, including a child.

Koryo said the ship’s new lease includes no “extra charges.”

The new vessel was built for Koryos group, and the ship was originally meant to be used for weddings.

The Black Pearl is one of three ships in the fleet from China.

Koryochi Group is also the operator of the popular luxury cruise line, the Black Dragon.