How to use a ‘steal’ email address to get a free holiday

How to get an email address with free shipping from a ‘store’ like eBay, Amazon or any of the thousands of websites that offer the service.

The process is simple, the person needs to provide their contact details, e-mail address, and the email address they’d like to receive the package. 

The recipient can then confirm their details and receive the item. 

A small fee will be charged to receive an item but that’s nothing to sneeze at, as it’s still free for the person who does receive it. 

If the recipient is unhappy with the service, they can cancel the transaction and get their money back. 

This is why, for example, people will get a refund for their holiday shopping from Amazon, even if they haven’t received their purchase. 

The process works by asking for a verification number. 

Once a verification is provided, the recipient can select a delivery method and the recipient will receive a notification when the item arrives. 

Some people may have the option to send the item to a trusted address or even a person or company they trust. 

There are other ways to get the free shipping though. 

You can simply download the ‘stealing’ app or install a third-party application and download the email addresses that you want the items delivered to. 

Alternatively, if you’re feeling lazy, you can simply ‘stole’ the email, and use it to get around the ‘fraud’ that you’d otherwise have to pay. 

So, if there’s a free email address that you can use, it could save you money. 

Here are the most common ways people are getting a free shipping service:Free shipping from eBay or Amazon via email and/or app. 

Free shipping through PayPal or credit card. 

Buy a package using a prepaid card and get a receipt. 

Use a third party app and get the package delivered. 

Get a free gift from a local store or an online store and get your items delivered.

Free shipping via a credit card or PayPal. 

Pay with a credit or debit card and receive your free shipping. 

Online retailers can deliver the items directly to the recipient, rather than waiting for them to go through a courier. 

When a package arrives, the delivery will usually be via FedEx or UPS and the shipping charges will be paid by the recipient. 

An example of a free order from Amazon would be the Kindle Fire tablet. 

However, Amazon doesn’t accept payment by PayPal or Credit Card, and therefore the shipping will cost the recipient the equivalent of $30. 

Amazon charges a small fee for shipping to Canada and Australia, but those are usually waived when a recipient is overseas. 

In some countries, you will need to pay a surcharge if you want to get your order to a country that doesn’t have a surtax. 

For example, a $25 surcharge can add up to a $50 price tag, so in this case, the free items could be worth $200 to you. 

It can also be useful if you have a few spare dollars. 

While it’s tempting to try and find an eBay or a similar site to buy the items, it’s actually quite common for people to simply steal a free item, and that’s what we’ve covered. 

Even if you don’t have access to a store or app, the fact that it’s free can help you avoid paying for the items. 

And, in a way, this free service is good news for those looking to spend less than they would have if they were to buy items at the store. 

Because, at the end of the day, you pay for the service yourself, it helps reduce the amount you’re spending on other things, and it also makes you happier. 

One thing to note, though, is that these services can vary. 

We’ve seen a lot of people getting free shipping, while others have received a charge, and we’ve seen people get an item shipped with a ‘shipping fee’. 

The way to be sure whether a service you’re interested in is free is to use the ‘Ask a Question’ section of our FAQ. 

 If you want more advice on what services to consider, check out our The Best Free Shipping Deals in Ireland.