How to track ships moving between the U.S. and Japan

A Japanese ship tracking a U.s. military aircraft carrier off the coast of Japan has sent its tracking data to the U, after a U-turn on its previous flight path.

The Japanese vessel USS Shokaku (DDG 1000) will begin a three-day voyage from the port of Yokosuka in southern Japan to Yokosawa in southern Okinawa.

The ship’s destination is Tokyo, Japan, where it is scheduled to dock for two days of work.

The U.k.

Navy’s Joint Tactical Air and Land Component Command, or JTALOC, says the ship’s tracking data will be used to inform decisions about how to protect Japanese interests.

The JTAC is part of the U/S Maritime and Defense Information Exchange, or MANDI.

The ships are part of a larger U.K.-Japanese military alliance that is set to expand its footprint in the East China Sea.

Japan, which has a smaller force, is the third largest in the Pacific after China and the Philippines.

A U.ks. military spokesman told the Associated Press that the ship will “follow established safety guidelines.”JTAC said the ship has been conducting regular air and sea patrols in the area.

“The ship’s crew are in a position to assess the situation and the safety of the crew and other crew members, and take necessary measures,” JTACC said.

The U.kos are part-time and can fly as often as five times per week.

The Navy has not confirmed the details of the ship, but it said in a statement that it is “aware of the incident and is taking necessary actions.”

The Associated Press reported that Japan’s Navy and Maritime Self-Defense Force (JSDF) said in an e-mail to The Associated Press late Thursday that they are “looking into” the incident.

“We are not aware of any issues that would require any action, and the ship was inspected before departing,” JSDF said.

The USS Shikaku was a destroyer based in Yokosaka until early this year.

It was due to take part in an international maritime exercise called Rim of the Pacific on Friday, but instead was diverted to the Japanese port of Hiroshima after Japanese officials said the vessel did not comply with safety requirements.