Walmart is getting rid of free shipping – now it’s cheaper than free

2 days agoBy Simon HradeckyUpdated 18:58ZUMA, AZ – Wal-Mart will stop selling free shipping for all orders of $200 or more in the next month, its parent company said.

Its move follows Wal-Marts efforts to reduce its reliance on the United States Postal Service, which is the dominant carrier in the US for many goods.

It will be cheaper to ship via USPS than UPS or DHL, according to the company, which has the largest international customer base.

The company says it is removing the offer for $20 off orders under $200, and that customers can get free shipping up to $10 off with a $25 discount.

Wal-Mart has been struggling to convince customers to switch to a less expensive alternative to the US Postal Service.

The US Postal Services has been in the red in recent years, and the postal service is currently operating at a loss.

The retail giant has been pushing a number of initiatives to reduce costs, including its own Free Shipping initiative, which lets customers buy merchandise at a discount through its online stores.

It is also using drones to deliver goods, and has been using its own robots to deliver groceries.