Why you should ship your packages via USPS

AUSTIN, Texas — We all know how important it is to get your package to your door as soon as possible, but why would you do that?

Here are some of the reasons why you should definitely send your packages with the postal service.


It’s more efficient The postal service uses about 70 percent of the postage it takes to mail packages, according to the Postal Service.

That’s up from just over 40 percent in 2000, and is expected to continue rising.

The postal system is also more efficient because it costs about $10 per package, which is far less than it does for other mail services.


Packaging doesn’t have to be messy.

Packages have to go through more of the process than it used to, which means they take longer to deliver.

USPS packages are also more durable because they’re packaged with the right materials and then delivered in sturdy shipping boxes.


You save on shipping costs.

Packaged goods have a higher price tag than parcels.

So when you ship a package using the postal system, you are saving yourself $4 on your shipping bill and $5 on the postage.


It helps protect the environment.

The USPS ships almost 50 percent of all mail worldwide, and more than 90 percent of those parcels are recycled, meaning that it’s the best way to minimize the environmental impact of your mail.

In addition, USPS ensures that all mail is inspected before it is sent out to ensure it meets its environmental requirements.


Package delivery is quicker and less costly.

UPS delivers packages faster than USPS, which saves you time and money.

The Postal Service delivers packages at least five times as fast, so if you need to deliver your packages in a short period of time, you can use UPS instead of USPS.


You get a better price.

UPS has a more competitive pricing model than USPS because UPS uses a “no price guarantees” policy.

That means you pay a lower price if your package is damaged or defective.


It saves you money on your postage.

Most packages are about 20 percent more expensive than USPS mail because of the cheaper shipping rates.

That helps keep packages more cost-effective and avoid any additional expenses for UPS.


You don’t have a shipping label to worry about.

Packets don’t need to be addressed, as long as they’re wrapped in a paper or cardboard box that’s labeled “USPS Priority Mail” or “USPDS Priority Mail.”

The Postal Office also doesn’t require that packages be delivered in paper envelopes, so you don’t really have to worry that your package isn’t getting delivered to your doorstep.


It gets you to the door.

UPS is also the only major U.S. mail service that can deliver packages by air.

FedEx, USPS, and FedEx Express all offer ground delivery options, but you’ll need to use the UPS or USPS Express shipping option to get that service.


You’re more environmentally friendly.

USPS’s environmentally friendly practices include using less paper and packaging materials, including recycled cardboard, and reducing its use of oil.

UPS also uses less energy than FedEx and USPS, according a 2011 report by the National Association of Manufacturers.


You can customize your shipping.

UPS can help you customize your order by adding or changing the type of shipping label, which allows you to include a different address on the package for each destination.


It means you can buy a lower-priced package.

The more expensive the package, the less you’ll pay for the shipping.

You might also find that the price drops even if the package is sent to your home.


It makes a big difference.

UPS offers discounted rates for certain packages, like packages that are sent to a specific address or delivery location, and the price is based on weight, size, and other factors.

UPS will also give you an additional discount for your first or second order, but that discount is based solely on the price you pay and the size of the package.


You’ll save money on shipping.

The average cost of a package is $18.40, according the Postal Office.

UPS and USPS can get you a free FedEx Express package for a single-use delivery fee of $1.50 per order.


You have more control.

UPS customers can set their own shipping preferences, and they can select a specific delivery option or package delivery time.

UPS makes it easier for you to know exactly when and where you need your packages, so it can help protect you from being hit with a package loss.


It doesn’t cost as much to ship.

The cost of shipping a package to a destination is usually based on the weight and size of each package, according for the Postal System.

UPS charges $4 per package for packages larger than 3 pounds and $6 per package over 3 pounds.

For example, the cost of UPS shipping packages to a home in Los Angeles will be about $40