The world’s first container homes are coming to Seattle

Container homes can fit into shipping containers, but shipping containers have a tendency to break apart.

With the advent of shipping containers like the Seattle-based RVs and trailers that are popularly known as RV homes, shipping container homes could eventually become popular in the U.S.

While there are currently more than 700 RV homes available, more than a thousand of them are currently being sold in the state of Washington, where there are over 12,000 RV homes and more than 5,500 RV trailer homes.

According to the Seattle Times, containers that are filled with shipping containers can be assembled into an RV home, which could be made into a single-family home or a small detached home.

The shipping container home can be attached to a shipping container that is attached to the RV trailer or home.

While the containers are made from solid material, shipping containers are porous, which means that they will easily leak, which can cause damage to the home’s interior.

The RVs that have been constructed so far are equipped with ventilators that can be controlled remotely.