How Lego ship stuck in port for over three weeks is getting a new life

By John WootenMay 13, 2019 15:29:18It’s not just a Lego ship that’s stuck in Port Lincoln, it’s a freight ship as well.

The Lincoln Maritime Services ship is now on its second and final leg of a journey from the UK to Germany.

The ship has been stuck at Port Lincoln since May 5, 2019, with its crew having to remain awake 24/7 for more than three weeks.

It’s been there for about two months, but it’s still not ready to leave the port.

The company behind the Lego ship is trying to find a way out of the port, which has been declared a major industrial area.

The ship’s owner, the Lincoln Maritime Maritime Services (LMS), has appealed to the European Union for a loan of €8 million.

It wants to raise the money to help it pay for repairs and upgrades to the ship.

But this could take years, with the EU-funded loan amounting to around €15 million.LMS said it would try to get the loan through the courts if necessary.