How to avoid ‘Wish Free Shipping’ on a $25,000 ship

The US Postal Service announced Wednesday that the service would offer free shipping on the $25K ship for the first time since 2016.USPS said it will offer free USPS Express mail for anyone who purchases an order on its website, online and via mobile app and that anyone can buy an order through its online store for $25.US Postal Service ships packages worldwide. 

The announcement comes as the USPS has faced a number of scandals in recent months, including an internal investigation into a former employee who sexually harassed female workers.

The Postal Service is facing an investigation by the US Justice Department for not properly investigating the allegations of sexual harassment made against the employee, who was fired in 2016.

The US Postal Inspectors office is investigating an employee who allegedly used an alias to hide her harassment complaints against employees.USPIs investigation will be overseen by a new chief.

The new chief, John W. Thompson, is being tapped to head the USPS.USps board of directors has asked the board to nominate the new chief by February 13, according to Reuters.

The board will meet at 3:00pm ET. 

“The Postal Service will be a better place, safer and more productive place for everyone by investing in the best products and the best service that we can provide for all Americans,” USPS CEO Travis Kalanick said in a statement. 

President Donald Trump tweeted that USPS should be privatized, which is likely to cause a lot of concern among customers. 

USPS had a disappointing 2016 year with the postal service, with a combined $18 billion in revenue and $7 billion in profit.

It’s a sign that the USPS will not be able to compete with other mail carriers and will likely continue to be in decline.