When Target Free Shipping Will Come to Australia

Target Australia has announced it will start shipping free of charge to Australian hospitals.

The Australian company said it had been looking for new ways to reduce costs and would be offering free shipping to all of its Australian customers, with the option to pay an additional amount to get more packages.

The announcement comes after Target Australia launched the Target Free Delivery program in February.

Target Australia is a major Australian retailer that includes the likes of JC Penney, Woolworths, and JB Hi-Fi.

Target Free shipping is free to the first 100 customers of any of the following stores:  Target (including the Woolworth’s), The Gap, Mansfield and The Westin In an email to customers, Target Australia CEO Michael Cottrell said: Target is excited to partner with Target Free to deliver free of cost delivery to all our customers and will be offering this option for customers in our first 100 stores. 

The announcement follows a similar deal with rival Walmart that was rolled out in February, allowing Australians to pick up groceries at stores in the US.

Target Australia has been a key supplier of cheap and high-quality grocery to the US, but now it will be looking to move to a new market, particularly in the wake of the pandemic.

Australia has a long history of shopping online and Target has seen a huge surge in demand, with over a million Australians shopping online for the first time in October alone.

It is believed that around 2.7 million Australians will need to be transported to Australia in the coming months as hospitals across the country struggle to cope with the coronavirus outbreak.

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