What You Need to Know About Paypal’s $1.9 Billion Shipments to Amazon – Paypal Shipping

Paypal shipped more than 1 billion shipments last year to Amazon, making it the second-largest source of Amazon’s $2.8 billion in revenue.

Amazon shipped 1.9 billion of its own orders last year.

Paypal’s new service lets you make online purchases with your credit card, credit card swipe, or other methods.

You can also use Paypal to pay with other credit cards or debit cards, including PayPal.

Paypal ships to over a million customers a day.

PayPal is the largest merchant payment processing service for consumers and businesses worldwide.

It is one of several companies that are partnering with Amazon to offer free shipping.

Payment giant Visa is partnering with Paypal on a new merchant card payment option, allowing merchants to offer up to 10% discounts for online purchases and to have a merchant’s credit card automatically charged back to their account each time a customer makes a purchase.