Star Trek: The Next Generation, the best science fiction series ever is on sale for the first time in paperback and ebook on, and it’s still a great read for sci-fi fans.

Star Trek and the Next Generation were created by Gene Roddenberry, who was a lifelong fan of science fiction, and George Takei, who became a famous Star Trek fanboy.

They are among the best-loved science fiction shows ever.

So much so that when Paramount Pictures acquired the franchise in 1992, they released the first book, The Next Step, in 1992.

The book was a collection of short stories by Roddan and Takei that was meant to be a companion piece to the first movie.

In 1993, the series became a live-action TV series.

But it never really went anywhere.

When the film reboot took place in 1997, the books were never really updated to make it fit with the reboot.

So Paramount and Takeilas publishers decided to bring the books back to their original form, complete with a new cover, but with some minor changes.

But the book had to go back to the drawing board to be updated to the latest Star Trek canon, so they decided to release it in a new hardcover edition.

Now it’s available for the Kindle, and the paperback edition is available for purchase on Amazon, as well.

In addition to the new cover design, the book also includes new illustrations by Peter Weyland, who has done some really beautiful art for Star Trek novels and comics.

The paperback edition also comes with an expanded chapter called The Final Frontier, and new trivia trivia questions for the new series, along with additional extras.

The cover design is also a big improvement over the paperback, with a sharper and more detailed look that brings the book closer to the original novel format.

The new edition also includes an appendix with links to other fan-favorite episodes, as if it were a chapter from the book.

Overall, the new hardback edition is a fantastic addition to Star Trek fans’ collection, and a nice addition to anyone’s Star Trek library.

The price of the paperback and the ebook editions is about $50, and you can order them here for about $8.50.

Both editions are available on Amazon now.