The 5 Most Expensive Shipping Container Houses in America

The world’s most expensive container houses are finally starting to appear in our homes.

Here are the 5 priciest.

The most expensive.1.

The Fiery Path: $11,950,0002.

The Tractor Yard: $10,400,0003.

The Shady Hollow House: $9,200,0004.

The Hacienda: $8,400 in Brooklyn, Brooklyn, New YorkThe most expensive house in New York City?

It’s the Tractor House in Manhattan’s Haci, home to one of the world’s priciest shipping containers.

That’s $11.9 million, or $1,100 per square foot.

That would be $2,500 per square yard for a typical 10-foot container.

But, the Tractor House is so big that it takes up nearly two stories in one of New York’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

It is, in fact, more expensive than the two other top-most houses in the neighborhood.

The house is in the historic Haci neighborhood, located in a neighborhood known for its “museum-quality” buildings.

It’s not exactly an architectural landmark.

It sits just west of Broadway in a quiet neighborhood where there are only a handful of stores.

Its main attraction is the “Tractor Yard,” a sprawling structure built in the 1960s that spans the Brooklyn River.

The structure is covered in steel beams and has a giant, steel-framed water tank for its water.

The water tank is also a massive water wheel, which houses a steam-powered generator.

It also has a water tank to power a generator.

There are no public restrooms in the house.

And, there is no electricity.

The only light is from the huge windows in the roof.

It looks like it could be a living museum, as there is a huge glass panel at the bottom of the Tectors’ “Tectors” building.

This is one of three containers in the world with a $10 million price tag, according to the Associated Press.

The other two are the Haci and the Shady.

The former was built in 1967 and the latter in 1994.

But the Hacib and Shady houses are still the most expensive on the list.

It currently has a $1.5 million price.

The best value?

The Hacil House in Queens, New Jersey, is worth $1 million, according the AP.

The home has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, an underground swimming pool and an elevator.

There is no water, so the water tanks can’t be used for swimming.

The price is a little more than $1M.2.

A Tractorhouse in Florida: $1 Million3.

A Shady House in New Jersey: $950,004.

A Fiery House in San Diego: $840,0005.

A Container House in Los Angeles: $740,0006.

A Lighthouse House in Atlanta: $690,000The best price?

The Tractors house in Brooklyn has a market value of $1 billion, according TOKYO BOSTON TIMES.

The ship-shaped building has a lot of history, according one source.

Its owner bought it in 1972 from a shipbuilder for $15 million.

The owner built the house in 1972 and has it listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the AP reports.

It has four stories and has been on the market since 2004.

The interior is lined with white sand and it is not a typical home.

It can only be rented out for private events.

And the price has not changed in the last five years.

That makes it the most valuable in the city.

It still has a price tag of $2.3 million, but the home is not as valuable as it once was.

The current market price of $9.4 million is more than double the current market value, according ToKYO.