How to get the Lego pirate ship to your location

The Lego pirate ships are not just for showing off, they’re also very popular with ship builders.

We spoke to some of the builders out there to find out how to make your own ship in just a few hours.

First things first, you’ll need to find some parts.

These will include a ship’s hull, the sails and rigging, the guns and the engines.

We’ve seen some Lego pirate vessels sell for more than £1,000, so be prepared to shell out a little extra to get them in order.

Once you’ve got the parts, you’re going to need to put the whole thing together.

This will require a few more steps than a standard Lego ship, so it may take a few days to complete the entire build.

Here’s how: Step 1: Cut out the hull, sail and rigging.

Step 2: Start by removing the sails from the ship’s main hull.

Step 3: Use a hacksaw to carefully cut out the sails, which should be no more than 3cm in length.

Once they’re gone, the next step is to attach the sails.

Use a couple of long sticks to create a ring around the sails to attach them.

You should now have a fairly sturdy ship.

Step 4: Now you need to start assembling the main hull, with the guns, engines and sails attached.

First, you need some screws.

First up, cut out a 3cm-wide section of aluminium.

Then, you should cut out another 3cm section of the same material and attach it to a pair of screwdriver-sized pieces of wood.

Step 5: Repeat this process to attach a third section of wood to the underside of the hull.

Finally, you want to attach another piece of aluminium to the back of the sail.

The two sections of wood will be the mast and the sail, and they should be joined with two screws.

Step 6: Repeat the process for the rigging, which can be done with a pair or a few of 3cm pieces of metal.

Once all the pieces are attached, you can start assembling.

First you need a couple more screws.

Cut a 3-inch-wide piece of wood and attach the screw to the centre of the wooden mast.

Then you’ll cut a 3.5-inch piece of metal, attach it on top of the mast, and attach a piece of the wood to it.

The piece of copper will serve as a hook for attaching the rigging.

You can attach the rigging to the mast as well, but you’ll have to make sure that the screw isn’t too long, so you don’t screw the sails too far apart.

Step 7: Now the sails are attached and all the parts are ready to go, assemble the ship in about five minutes.

This is because it’s much easier to assemble the sails when you have them in your hands.

First attach the main sails to the sails with screws and a pair to the ends of the sails in the middle.

Then attach a second section of metal to the sail at the back and attach one end to the main mast, while the other end is attached to the end of the other metal section.

Step 8: Now attach a wooden anchor to the front of the main sail, along with the mast.

Now attach another metal piece to the anchor at the top of each mast, as shown in the photo below.

Step 9: Now assemble the other two mast sections, as illustrated in the photos below.

This can be tricky because you want the sail to be slightly lower than the main ones, so make sure the screws are aligned correctly.

You’ll also want to make the sail slightly longer than the rest of the ships sails, as this will give the mast a higher profile and more stability.

You may also want a couple extra screws on the side of the ship to hold it in place, but this is something you can add later.

Step 10: Next, assemble and attach your cannons.

Start by cutting out a piece measuring about 3cm by 4cm, and attaching it to the rear of the two pieces of wooden anchor.

Then make sure to attach it so that the main cannon can be attached to both of the cannons as well.

The next step will be to attach and secure the cannons to the hull of the pirate ship.

Make sure to tighten the screws tightly so that they don’t go through the sails (they should look like they’re going right through).

Step 11: Once all your pieces are securely attached, it’s time to put all the Lego parts back together.

First use a pair, or three, of long screws to attach each of the four cannon pieces to the ship.

The first two cannon pieces are for the ship itself, and the third cannon piece is for the sails of the sailing ship.

Once the cannons are in place and securely attached to each other, it is time to assemble.

First put a couple screws through the hulls of the different