How to avoid ‘Ghostbusters’ sequel controversy

When “Ghostbusters” hit theaters, it was a major disappointment for fans and left many feeling disappointed.

It’s not the only one that has fallen short, however.

When “Battleship” first came out, many thought it was the worst movie of 2016.

Many felt it was too violent, and that its plotline wasn’t fully realized.

But now, fans are questioning the film’s overall quality and its story.

It is a good movie, but a weak one at that.

What’s wrong with “Ghostbuster”?

In “Ghost” there were a few things that made it a hit: it was one of the first big superhero films ever made, it featured a great lead actor in Kristen Wiig and the movie got a ton of critical praise.

Plus, the movie had a great story line, which was a real highlight.

There was also a cast that was fantastic.

The actors who played the big bads, the main characters, the supporting cast, even the cool new costumes, all looked and sounded amazing.

They even had fun with it.

And the movie even managed to be entertaining for kids.

But it was just one movie.

As far as a story line goes, “Ghosts” didn’t really have one.

It was a big, sprawling story, but it didn’t feel like the kind of movie that you’d want to sit down and watch on your big screen.

The movie was written in a lot of flashbacks and other flashbacks that weren’t explored in any meaningful way, making it seem more like a series of flashbacks.

The story was more focused on the villains, and there were very few real villains, aside from one.

So even though there were some memorable characters in the movie, they were mostly minor characters that were there for laughs and just to be thrown in for a bit of extra comic relief.

But there was also some great story development in the middle, and it made for a compelling story, even though the film didn’t have a big villain.

It wasn’t that this movie wasn’t great, but the way the story was told made it feel more like the film of the year than anything else.

And it made a good first impression, too.

And while “Ghostbusting” was a hit, it wasn’t the kind that everyone thought it would be.

Critics liked it, but some felt it wasn- the biggest hit of 2016, it got a lot more critical praise, and was a great movie to watch with kids.

The film also had some big problems: the cast, including Wiig, was really well-rounded.

But in many ways, the cast was too good, and they weren’t given enough screen time to do their jobs well.

There were some great moments, but they were only there for comedic relief and for some big, big laughs.

This was one movie that really needed more screen time.

The plot also needed more development.

And there were so many problems that were really hard to fix.

This movie had one big problem, and this movie had many problems.

But all of these problems and the fact that it was made in 2016 was what made it such a big hit.

The problems with “Bargains” In “Bargs” we had a lot to like about the film.

It had a nice script and was very well written, and had a fun story.

There wasn’t a ton going on, but there were enough twists and turns that the movie was pretty good at building suspense.

The only problem was that the plot wasn’t developed enough.

The first few chapters were pretty short and were basically a series where the heroes get captured and kept in prison.

The villain, the Black Knight, is a pretty weak guy, and the film felt like he was just going to walk in and kill the heroes and kill everyone.

But then he gets kidnapped and the heroes need to rescue him and save his life.

And then, the film ends with the heroes having to rescue their leader from the Black Knights, who’s kidnapped and held captive by the Black Riders.

The Black Riders are really a bit too strong for the heroes, and all the good stuff the heroes did together makes it hard to believe they can win.

And yet, the heroes were able to win anyway.

The characters were great, the story really worked, and most of all, it had some great, funny moments, and those scenes worked even better than they would in “Barge” or “Battle of the Bands.”

The only thing that really hurt the movie in the end was the plot, because the plot was just a lot like the movie that it would eventually be based on.

The main villain was just like any other villain, and everyone got killed off in a big way.

There’s a scene where we see two characters getting captured, and we see the Black Rider’s head explode.

Then the Black Ranger is shown coming up to the Black King, who was in prison for his crimes.

The hero shows up and saves the