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Toyota Motor and Intel partner to enhance networks for automotive big data

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Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota Motor and other industry leaders have initiated the formation of an Automotive Edge Computing Consortium.

Apart from Toyota Motor, the consortium will include DENSO, Ericsson, Intel, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT), NTT DOCOMO, and Toyota InfoTechnology Center.

The primary objective of the consortium is to develop an ecosystem for connected cars to support emerging services, such as intelligent driving, the creation of maps with real-time data, and driving assistance based on cloud computing.

By 2025, the data volume between vehicles and the cloud is expected to reach 10EB per month, which is nearly 10,000 times larger than the existing volume.

"Toyota noted that the consortium will focus on the expansion of the network capacity to accommodate automotive big data between vehicles."

The estimated increase has created demand for a new computing and network infrastructure to support distributed resources and topology-aware storage capacity.

Toyota noted that the consortium will focus on the expansion of network capacities to accommodate automotive big data between vehicles and the cloud, using edge computing and efficient network design.

It will also define requirements and develop use cases for the upcoming mobile devices, with a particular focus on the automotive industry.

In the coming months, the companies intend to expand the consortium by extending invitations to relevant global technology companies.

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